Living at the intersection of design and technology.

I recently graduated from  Georgetown University's Communication, Culture, and Technology (CCT) Master's program. I am seeking career opportunities within the fields of user experience and project management. My interest lie at the intersection of technology, design and out of the box problem solving.



Media Fest

Purpose An annual platform for innovation, play, and thought-provoking forums for art and new media.

Preparation Drafted grant proposal to Georgetown Graduate School. Awarded funding to create and manage an elite team over four months. During this time my team and I met with stakeholders, curated over 40 projects, and coordinated day-of logistics.

Execution Media Fest is a sold out event and has become one of the staples of the Communication, Culture and Technology Program.

Car Barn Labs

Purpose Car Barn Labs are technical workshops created by CCT students for CCT students. Workshop topics range from low tech subjects like calligraphy to high tech subjects like JavaScript.

Preparation Scheduled and organized individual Car Barn Labs. Since each workshop is unique, I made sure to meet with each workshop leader to make sure we had all of the materials and tools needed to execute the Car Barn Lab.

Execution Car Barn Labs are continuing to grow. Recently Car Barn Labs have collaborated with specific CCT courses to create workshop series to aid in upcoming projects.


Print Work & Posters

Print Work & Posters

3D Design & 3D Printing

3D Design & 3D Printing

Web Design & Expressive Computation

Web Design & Expressive Computation


Multilevel Customer Journey Loops

Purpose The multilevel customer journey loop was created to demonstrate an ongoing relationship between a customer and a product over a daily, weekly and yearly time.  

Preparation Working with a large health insurance company and a small team for a final project in User Experience and Systemic Design, the team was assigned to dig deep into the companies wellness app.

Execution My team and I ended up using the customer journey loops to examine possible pain points for customer engagement. We decided that the implementation of push notifications would improve customer engagement and add to the overall customer experience.

Wire Framing | eris

Purpose The wireframes were created for a final project for the course, Product Development in the New Digital Age. Proof of concept: eris is a time management app for the entrepreneurial young adult.  

Preparation In order to create wireframes for eris I needed to research other time management and scheduling applications. I wanted to distinguish eris from the competition while maintaining a streamline user experience.

Execution I created wireframes for multiple mobile pages for the app and a homepage for the web. In the end, users had the ability to merge multiple calendar interfaces into one place.