My name is Carson and I am a sucker for pizza and live music. In December 2014, I completed my B.S. in Anthropology at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, Virginia. During my time at VCU I had the opportunity to work for the Virtual Curation Lab, where I was able to digitize artifacts and other remains for educational use.

Unlike other opportunities at VCU as an undergraduate, working for the Virtual Curation Lab gave me the freedom to conduct independent research. During my independent studies, I researched the impact 3D printing could have on public archaeology, focusing on the subfield of Zooarchaeology, specifically the Chesapeake Bay. I found that the digitization of faunal remains could greatly benefit the field of Zooarchaeology. Eventually, I was able to present my findings at the annual Archaeology Society of Virginia conference in 2014.

Coming into CCT, my main area of research lied within the fields of Anthropology, Education, and Technology. However, after only a short time in the program, I have also become interested in product development and user experience. 

Contact Me:

E: carsontcollier@gmail.com

P: (757) 642-3545