Whitlows on Wilson


Purpose I was asked to design a 3D printed tap handle for the house brew at Whitlows on Wilson in Clarendon, VA.

Preparation After numerous meetings with management and a 18 hour print, I created a 3D render of Whitlows on Wilson's classic logo.

Execution The management at Whitlows on Wilson were excited to have a unique bar tap for their unique house brew, Good Times IPA. 

The Virtual Curation Lab

Purpose The Virtual Curation Lab (VCL) is a digital curation center located at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Preparation While interning at the Virtual Curation Lab I was responsible for scanning, editing, printing, and painting replicas of artifacts. The VCL would collaborate with organizations like Jamestown and the Virginia Museum of Natural History.

Execution During my time at the VCL I was able to grow my technical skills and complete my own research on using 3D printing as an educational tool in the classroom. Eventually I presented my research at the Archaeological Society of Virginia's annual conference and The Mid Atlantic Archaeological Conference.