gnovis Blog 2.0

Purpose As the Director of Blog and Web Services I was in charge of the gnovis Blog redesign. 

Preparation The old gnovis Blog site was outdated and riddled with bugs. I decided working with a clean slate was the best option. Using Wordpress, I created a modern looking sandbox site.

Execution The new gnovis Blog website offers a fun and modern interface for visitors while maintaining a simple front end experience for future Directors of Blog and Web Services.

UNXD - MakerHub Extension Course

Purpose I wanted to create something of my own for Media Fest 2018 and I had always been interested in the hardware side of making. 

Preparation Using a strand of addressable LED lights, an Arduino Uno, and two repurposed arcade buttons I was able to create a haptic 1-v-1 player game

Execution An early iteration of the game was showcased at Media Fest 2018. The final iteration was shown at the MakerHub Show in early May.   

Expressive Computation

Purpose Expressive Computation is a course taught in the CCT program where students use JavaScript to create artistically expressive programs.  

Preparation This course allowed me to experience programming in a visual way. I was able to combine logic based reasoning with design. 

Execution A collection of programs